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Self Guided Halibut Fishing

A long time client recently remarked that halibut fishing on his own was one of the funnest things he’s ever done while fishing Alaska! If you have some boating and fishing experience, spending a few of your fishing days* plying our local halibut grounds on your own might just pay big dividends.

Why a self-guided option?

Halibut are managed by the federal government. Members of the federal council that determine who gets to catch halibut have recently decided that fishing on a boat with a guide is a commercial fishing activity (though we strongly disagree). They have since lowered the limits on “guided” recreational halibut fishing. Unguided recreational fisherman are still allowed the historical sport limit of two halibut per day of any size per person.

Our halibut fishing grounds are arguably some of the best Alaska has to offer, and because of our unique location on Alaska’s Inside Passage, the area is specifically suited to guests venturing it on their own- but not without plenty of help getting pointed in the right direction.

What’s Provided

First of all, you have access to our 20 years of local experience sniffing out just about every square foot of this underwater terrain. We know the currents, the timing, and the seasonal movements of the fish. Our wealth of knowledge is a resource to you as you plan your excursion. We help you establish a daily strategy, complete with waypoints, that will assist you being in the right place at the right time.** If it’s your first time, we’ll cover all the techniques and methods of finding and catching halibut in this neighborhood of Alaska.

Secondly, you have access to a completely outfitted fishing machine. We’ve selected the Glacier Bay 2680 catamaran as our boat of choice because of its stability, safety features, and fish box capacity. It’s equipped with quality electronics to help you find your way to the fish and back. Top of the line fishing rods and reels, along with all the terminal gear you’ll need are at the ready.

Captaining your own halibut fishing adventure just may be the most memorable experience you’ll ever have!

We look forward to getting to know you in person and discussing the details of your next Alaska fishing trip with True North Sportfishing. Gustavus Is The True Alaska Fishing Frontier. To book your next Alaska Halibut fishing charter, please call us today at 1-800-998-2384

*Within our standard fishing packages, self guiding for halibut is an option you can exercise whenever you deem appropriate, such as on a fair weather day, or after you’ve had some initial halibut fishing experience with a guide.

**Regulation prohibits us from giving you fishing information and direction between the time you begin fishing and the time you return to the dock. Contacting us for other forms of assistance is fine.

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